New Greene County Middle School ready for new school year

SNOW HILL, GREENE COUNTY - It has taken more than two years to rebuild the school since it was destroyed by an EF-3 tornado.

April 16, 2011 is certainly a day nobody in Greene County will forget, including 7th grade teachers Nickie Armstrong and Monique Warren.

"One of my co-workers called and said she got on the street and she was crying and she said 'the school is not there anymore.' I said ‘what do you mean it's gone?' And she said ‘it's gone. It's only the shell,'" Armstrong said.

"My room was pretty much the one that was totaled. So no I wasn't able to save anything. I did find some pictures students had given me but I pretty much lost everything," Warren said.

Warren had to pick up the pieces and start from scratch while Armstrong was a bit luckier.

"Everything was as I had left it. I could have walked in my room and taught and yet my co-workers classroom was totally decimated and there was nothing left. That to me was surreal," Armstrong said.

Now after two years of rebuilding and being in modular units the school is finally complete.

"It's pretty much the same as it was before the tornado hit," Principal Norman McDuffie said.

However, the teachers haven't had all summer to get their classrooms ready. They moved in two weeks ago.

"It's been hectic but we're going to get it done before Monday," Warren said.

A new beginning the principal and teachers are looking forward to.

"We're just excited about being in the buildings. That just brings a lot of morale and we're just going to take that and use it and ride that wave and get these kids pumped up about education," McDuffie said.

"I'm most excited about having a permanent space [and] not feeling like tomorrow we'll have to move again," Armstrong said.

"[The school] looks good so we're proud of it," Warren said.

Teachers held an open house on Monday night for the incoming 6th grade students. The open house for 7th and 8th grade students was held Thursday from 1-7 p.m.

School starts on Monday August 26th.

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