New fire hydrants could lower insurance rates

New fire hydrants could lower insurance rates (Reporter: Jon Erickson)

JONES COUNTY - New fire hydrants might be placed in portions of Jones County in response to increasing homeowners' insurance rates.

The hydrants, to be funded by the county water system, will likely be installed along stretches of Highway 58 outside Maysville and along White Oak River Road, according to Jones County Commissioner Sonda Ipock-Riggs.

The goal is to ensure as many homes as practicable are within 1,000 feet of a hydrant; if that requirement is met, insurance rates drop, Riggs said.

The process will begin outside the town limits of Maysville, which is the area with the most need, Riggs said.

Maysville Fire Chief Michael Jordan said his insurance went up this year by approximately $500.

The only change in his policy is that the insurance company recognized that his home is not within 1,000 feet of a hydrant, Jordan said.

Each hydrant and its installation costs approximately $3,500, Riggs said.

The plan has not yet been approved by County Commissioners, but Riggs said the proposal has broad support.

The process could begin within the next few months, Riggs said.

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