Kinston Police gets new, electric transportation

POSTED: 6:33 PM Apr 25 2013   UPDATED: 6:56 PM Apr 25 2013
Kinston Patroller

Officers with the Kinston Department of Public Safety have a new form of transportation, called a T3 Patroller. The vehicle is an electric three-wheeler used by police departments across the country.

“It will be used in the housing district downtown,” said Woody Spencer, the public information officer for the Kinston Department of Public Safety, “Anytime there is going to be an extended period of an officer being out of his vehicle, [it will be used].”

The new patrol vehicle was made possible by a federal grant. Spencer said it will help law enforcement officers connect to the community.

“We're getting to know folks and they're getting to know us as more than a police officer driving by," Spencer said.

The operating cost of a T3 Patroller is about 10 cents per day.