New Details On Apparent Jacksonville Murder-Suicide

Jacksonville Murder-Suicide

JACKSONVILLE - Court documents shed light on the apparent murder-suicide of two Jacksonville men.

On May 31, police discovered 30-year-old Jason Eimer shot several times in the parking lot of the Navy Federal Credit Union in Jacksonville.

Police say they found the shooting suspect, 32-year-old Christoffer Apger, a U.S. Marine, at the New River Harley Davidson on Highway 17. Apger had fatally shot himself in the rear of the building.

Onslow County Civil Court documents obtained by NewsChannel 12 state that the Christoffer Apger and wife Angelica Robles legally separated on October 8, 2011. Pursuant to North Carolina law, a one-year separation is necessary before a divorce will be granted.

On November 4, 2011, Robles, filed a domestic violence order of protection against Apger stating that "he grabbed my arm and pushed me leaving a bruise. He tried to stop me from entering my home. He did all this while my daughter watched..."

Robles went on to say that "while he was in Afghanistan he sent an email to me saying he was going to walk into a field of land mines if he could. He called both me and my daughter in August and was saying goodbye, he told us he loved us and that he couldn't live without us, leaving my daughter with questions of why dad wants to die."

The judge would not grant the protective order without Apger present. The judge set a date for a future hearing but Robles withdrew her request.

Apger filed for divorce on November 8, 2011. In the court papers, Apger said Robles had entered into an affair with a man she met online. That man has since been identified as Jason Eimer. Apger also requested custody of the couple's 12 year-old daughter, as well as child support.

Jacksonville Police say the case remains under investigation.

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