New company delivers fresh, local produce door to door

Company delivers fresh, local produce door to door

EASTERN CAROLINA - Backyard Produce, a company based out of Raleigh, has spread to Eastern Carolina. It delivers locally-grown produce and handcrafted items door to door.

But orders are not just limited to fruits and vegetables.

"You can pick and choose produce, cheeses, breads other items. We are going to be adding meat in May, so you'll be able to choose grass-fed chicken, pork and beef at that time as well," said Ben Stone, founder of the company.

The service has spread from Raleigh to Eastern Carolina in the past couple of months. Statewide, thousands have ordered weekly deliveries of fresh, local produce. Stone said the feedback has been positive.

"We get messages on our Facebook, saying, 'Hey, I love this. Its like Christmas every week,'" Stone told NewsChannel 12.

Deliveries are dropped off in a special insulated boxes with ice packs, which keep the produce fresh for an extended period of time.

"In the winter, it can stay forever; in the summer, it's about eight hours," said Stone.

Backyard Produce has also been helping a local company: Green Truck Coffee in Swansboro. Backyard Produce has been buying beans from the coffee business for almost a year now.

Green Truck Coffee was started by a husband and wife duo, Steve and Barbara Gilchrist. They began the business as a hobby after living in Italy for three years. They said during their time there, they couldn't find any high quality coffee. That was when they began buying their own beans and making their own roasts. The couple said Backyard Produce has taken care of their distribution, which leaves them more time to make creative blends.

"Somebody will have a need and they will tell me about it and they'll say, 'I'm a fireman and I'll do these long hours where I'm not doing anything and I'll have to stay awake. And then all of a sudden, I'll have to be awake and do this crazy thing,' and so I can build a blend based on what he needs," said Steve Gilchrist.

Backyard Produce has not only taken care of Green Truck Coffee's distribution, it has helped boost sales as well.

"We have a website that does PayPal, and we get orders and customers will mention... that they heard about us through  Backyard Produce," said Steve Gilchrist.

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