Newport, Craven County -

An open plot sitting kitty corner to a baseball field in Newport will be transformed by early June into a community garden with forty plots available for rent.

The land has already been approved by the Newport Town Council. Now the organizers say they just need to raise a total of $1,000 to begin transforming the ground.

"But right now if we can get money for water and water for fencing gardeners can break ground and we can start planting," said Holly Campbell, a Chairperson for the community garden project.

After water lines are installed underground to use for spigots and hose connections, the Town of Newport will till the land.

"We have staked what we anticipate for the tilled area of the garden spot, and also anticipate having three foot walkways in between the garden spots so the gardeners can get around their garden spot," said Campbell.

There will be two different plot sizes available to rent. Ten by ten foot plots will be available for $20 a year. Ten by twenty foot plots will be available for $30 a year.

To help cultivate the community garden contact Holly Campbell at