New Bern strives for new heights

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New Bern - City leaders are counting on a proposed ordinance to draw in big commercial developments by adding free-standing signs along parts of highway 70.

Bernard George the Planning Division Manager for the City of New said Friday that sign height limits may not have been a major factor in preventing Cracker Barrel from coming to the city, did play a major role in this new proposed ordinance that would stretch across 3 miles of Hwy 70. Currently there are no signs along the highway

If approved by city alderman, the ordinance would adjust the height limit for free stranding signs for commercial developments that are at least 10 acres. The height of signs will jump from 20 to 30 feet and will expand the width from 100 square feet to 200 square feet.

"The bottom line is that I hope all the businesses will be satisfied with this amount of signage," said George," that it will not add to the clutter of the visual image of the city and it will be done tastefully and encourage business development."

According to George, the proposed ordinance would effect the Craven 30 project, Twin River's Mall, and the River Town Shopping Plaza.

Alderman will vote on this issue January 22nd.

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