New Bern road conditions after snow

New Bern road conditions after snow

The Mayor of New Bern says the road conditions are improving on the primary roads.

Mayor Dana Outlaw spoke with NewsChannel 12 about the current road conditions in New Bern, after a winter storm the city hasn't seen in almost a decade.

"Well the current situation is pretty stable, crews have been out yesterday and today going through and plowing the main roads but we do ask that citizens stay home, if they can, unless they just have to go out," Outlaw said.

Outlaw said the city is investing in cleaning the primary roads, but as for the secondary roads, residents will have to allow for nature to take its course and wait for the roads to clear up.

Outlaw understands the dangers that come along with the slippery secondary roads, and decided to help those who were shut in because of the snowy, icy mix.

Outlaw paired up with local pastor, Robert Johnson, to deliver food to people who couldn't drive on the secondary roads to get food.

Outlaw is supportive of how the city of New Bern and the Department of Transportation has been responding to the icy and snowy conditions.

The main advice that Outlaw, the Department of Transportation and Highway Patrol has suggested to the public is to limit their activity on the roads. While they have been stressing to stay off the roads until they are thoroughly cleared, they say if you must get on the roads be careful and drive slow.

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