New Bern railroad depot restoration underway

Roof is first on the ticket

New Bern railroad depot restoration underway

NEW BERN - It's full steam ahead at the New Bern train depot that was built in 1911, but has been abandoned for 26 years.  The New Bern Preservation Foundation is all aboard this project to restore it to its past glory.

"It's a part of what New Bern is now.  There's a train that goes through New Bern, and the station is a part of that history," said Carolyn Peterson, Executive Coordinator with the Preservation Foundation.

It's a rare look inside the 102-year-old building that used to be the hub of the Colonial Capital.  The plan is to start with the roof and work down the line.

"The center section is the two-story section.  They will replace that roof. Then, they will move to the north end which is the old freight room.  Then, they will do the south end.  That's in the worst condition. They will rebuild the frame as necessary and put a new roof on it," said Dallas Blackiston, the chair of the Dept Committee.

The stabilization of the roof will prevent any more damage done to the interior of the building.

"A lot of water intrusion caused wood rot and deterioration of the framing and the interior walls," said Blackiston.

The 7500 square foot building was once a bustling mecca for New Bern in the early 1900s.

"This represents not only the best of New Bern's past in economic development, but it is also a reflection of our future and where we want to go," said Blackiston.

They hope to get the roof done by mid-July, and then they will get chugging on the rest of the building.

If you would like to be a part of the Depot 100, you may go to this website.

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