New Bern named a top boating town in the nation

New Bern named a top boating town in the nation

New Bern, Craven County - One local city is getting some national attention thanks to the Boat Owner's Association of the United States. New Bern has been selected as one of the top ten boating towns in the entire nation.

Bear City pulled in a rank of sixth in the list. That's next to places like Portland and San Diego. New Bern snagged the title because of the historic homes, close down town and top-ranked restaurants and boaters agree.

"To be specific it's due to the nice facilities, the floating docks, the amenities of the hotel onshore," said Iowa native and boat owner Curt Hewitt.

Greg Smith, Owner of Mitchell Hardware in downtown New Bern says boaters bring in business every day.

"The water itself that attracts people, and once they are here I've had hundreds of people over my many years come into the store," said Smith.

Boat us says its New Bern's nearness to beaches sounds and other little towns that make it great. Locals agree.

"I mean we've got the two rivers and we've got the beach only 30-40 minutes away, and we are close to a lot of little towns," said New Bern Native Rebecca Scott.

New Bern's access to the rest of eastern Carolina is the reason behind the ranking.

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