New Bern Mayor supports new museum

NEW BERN; CRAVEN COUNTY - Mayor Dana Outlaw says he supports a museum dedicated to groundbreaking photographer and New Bern native Bayard Wootten.

Wootten was born in 1875 in New Bern, and lived next door to Caleb Bradham, the pharmacist who developed "Brad's Drink," a concoction that Wootten is believed to have given the more well known name, Pepsi.

Seattle-based New Bern native Anthony Lilly is working on making a movie about Wootten's life. In the process, he has gathered many artifacts from her life and from the photography studio she ran in downtown New Bern for years.

Now, Lilly is working with officials to bring a museum dedicated to Wootten's life to the town where she lived and worked.

"So many firsts she did," said New Bern Mayor Dana Outlaw. "The amount of photography and the amount of activity and things she brought to New Bern in her own time and period."

Outlaw says he supports Lilly's efforts to bring a museum dedicated to Bayard Wootten to downtown New Bern.

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