New Bern man bikes across America for career experience

3,000 miles on a bicycle in hopes to land a job

New Bern man bikes across America for career experience

CRAVEN COUNTY - Hundreds of resumes turned into hundreds of miles in Bo Bissett's quest to become an online writer.

"I needed more experience so I figured the only way to get the experience that I needed was to go out and make it on my own," said Bissett.

Bissett taught English in Vietnam for 6 years before returning back to the US.  The plan was to set up a website and write stories about his bicycle ride from Atlantic Beach, North Carolina to Oceanside, California.

The trip started out as a straight line across the Great 48.  Then, he got his readers involved, and he asked them for recommendations to Bed and Breakfasts, restaurants and other attractions.

Needless to say, his original linear path across country headed south to New Orleans, Louisiana and north to Denver, Colorado before arriving on the West Coast.

"I planned my route based on the recommendations.  In exchange for accommodations and food, I would write about the establishment on my blog," said Bissett.

When Bissett left on April 16th, he packed a few changes of clothes, tools to work on his bicycle and a laptop where he documented the good and bad experiences.

"I was going down this two-lane highway and this guy driving a big pick-up truck hit me on the back with one of his extended side mirrors," said Bissett.

Bissett biked more than 3,000 miles to get experience for his future career and to motivate people to see the world.

"The world is such a big place.  I'd think it's a shame that most people don't get and explore it more," said Bissett.

His five month journey did not go unnoticed.  He got the attention of two public relations companies and is now writing for them.

TORI TIDBIT:  Here's the link to Bissett's blog

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