New Bern Alderman Dana Outlaw activates mayoral campaign committee

Outlaw: "I realize it's fairly common knowledge that I intend to run for Mayor."

New Bern Alderman Dana Outlaw tells NewsChannel 12 he intends to run for mayor of the city but will hold off on filing for the race until the official filing date.  

In a statement sent to NewsChannel 12 Wednesday, Outlaw said, "Today I filed organizational forms at the Craven County Board of Elections to activate the Friends for Dana Outlaw Committee. This is a legal requirement to establish a fund raising organization for financing one's campaign."

Outlaw went on to say that he does not plan to formally announce his candidacy "for any office until July 8th, 2013," which is the official filing date. He explained his reasons behind that decision.

"While early announcements can be a means for one to get a jump on the competition, it has a negative impact on the daily operation of the City," he said. "The Staff should be able to concentrate on the day to day operations of the City rather than the demands of the election season. Specifically, ensuring that one candidate does not receive favors over other candidates thereby connoting a better record of accomplishments...," Outlaw said.

Outlaw ended his statement by saying, "That said, I realize it's fairly common knowledge that I intend to run for Mayor. I feel compelled to say that now for the sake of clarification."

New Bern Mayor Pro-Tem Sabrina Bengel and Third Ward Alderman Denny Bucher have already announced plans to run for the mayoral position currently held by Lee Bettis.

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