New Bern Alderman calls for Mayor Lee Bettis' Resignation

Alderman Dana Outlaw tells NewsChannel 12 New Bern Mayor Lee Bettis should resign.

Bettis' wife called 911 Wednesday morning, saying he pushed her down some stairs. The mayor was not charged with a crime in that incident. But this is the second time this week that Bettis has been the focus of 911 calls. He was charged with DWI Monday.

Alderman Outlaw told New Bern City Manager Mike Epperson he wants to hold a special meeting to discuss the mayor. We talked to Outlaw about the controversy surrounding Bettis.

"My judgment is, he's not, he needs to resign. That's my judgment call. You know I just can't sit around and do nothing. I mean the leadership of the city is in question," Outlaw says. "Maybe we could come to closure. Let's get a hair sample and a urine sample and see what this is all about. I want to support my mayor. I want to continue to see this city run, but at the same time if the situation is such that it impairs the ability of our mayor to run our city we need to seriously look at other options."

Outlaw went on to say, "I don't wish this on anybody. I just would like to get it past us. New Bern is a beautiful city. This is not the kind of publicity any of us want."

Outlaw says it takes at least two aldermen to call for a special meeting, so he hopes one of his comrades will step up.

Right now, the board is set to hold its regular meeting next Tuesday.

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