Neuse Blvd. paving project ahead of schedule

Neuse Blvd. paving project ahead of schedule


The long-awaited resurfacing of Neuse Boulevard could begin sooner than expected.

When the project started in October 2012, DOT officials said it wouldn't be completed until spring of 2014.

Now there are plans to start resurfacing fall.

Engineers of the project said the project was supposed to take nine months to complete and may now only take six.

The first part of the project is installing new water pipe lines under Neuse Boulevard.

New Bern City Engineer Jordan Hughes said his job is making sure all the old infrastructure is either replaced or cut out under the road, so they won't have to go back in to make repairs later.

 "The biggest portion of the project is still left as far as construction goes which would be crossing the Glenburnie intersection as well as making tie ins on both sides of that intersection," said Hughes.

He said the water line part of the project should be complete by the end of March.

DOT officials said when it comes to repaving the road there are two stages: paving and milling. They said about two inches of the asphalt will be removed before the new road is laid down.

DOT official David Sawyer said it's a big project, but they plan to make this road smoother and safer for drivers. He said they will begin the resurfacing part of the project this fall.

"Well you can tell by the thickness above the curb that it's been overlaid two or three times already," said Sawyer." We want to get it back below the curb line and when we're done it will be flushed with the curb."

On Wednesday DOT officials did a walk down Neuse Boulevard making a final list of last minute things that need to be done.

DOT officials said when they begin breaking up the road there will be some closures, but they plan to do most work at night and will make the announcements in advance.

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