Neighbors Concerned About Possible RV Park

Property owners say concern is unjustified.

SNEADS FERRY - Sneads Ferry residents they're concerned about the possibility of an RV park across the street from their homes.  They say an RV park will adversely impact the property value of their homes.

At issue is an undeveloped 11-acre plot of land located at 150 Bill Canady Road in Sneads Ferry.   Ben Warren, the Onslow County Planning and Development Director, says property owner Tammy Ennet applied for a special-use permit in June.

The fate of the permit is currently up in the air.  Warren says the Board of Adjustment will meet next month to hear the arguments from both sides.  The final decision regarding the park should be made in September.

Neighbors in Escoba Bay and Canady Landing say they believe an RV park will significantly reduce the value of their homes.  They also say the park could become a potential traffic, health, safety and environmental hazard. 

Ennett disagrees, stating the RV park will be upscale and well-kept.  The lots, she says, will be rented out - not sold - and the park will adhere to all ordinances and regulations. 

Tammy's husband, Gene Ennett, is the co-owner of the property and a life-long resident of Sneads Ferry.  The Ennetts believe that their RV park will add value to the town.

Warren says the proposed park must not endanger public health, or significantly endanger the property value of nearby homes.

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