Neighbors concered bullets possible cause of woods fire

Neighbors concered bullets possible cause of woods fire

ONSLOW COUNTY - A woods fire that broke out over the weekend has families concerned and wondering how it started.

It happened off Belgrade Swansboro Road off Highway 17 in Onslow County.

Neighbors tell NewsChannel 12 it started around 9 a.m. Sunday morning, and burned three acres of land.

Alison Covington and Nate Francis live with their families just a few feet from where the fire started.

"The whole area that was on fire is still burning. There are still little fires all the way around the whole perimeter," Francis explained.

He said at first he thought it was a bushfire, but when he came to investigate it himself he was shocked. Francis said multiple fire departments were on the scene trying to put out the flames.

"At first it was like a scene from a movie. It was like fire everywhere you know, all around in the woods," the homeowner explained.

Both Covington and Francis said they don't know who or how the fire started, but they're worried it may have sparked from a bullet.

Francis said every Sunday you can always hear gunfire coming from another property in the woods.

"The forestry asked me if i thought they were shooting tracer rounds," he said. "The rounds started probably around eight o'clock, the smoke started right afterwards," he explained.

Covington said she's just wants to rest easy knowing her family is OK.

"I just want the fire to go out, then as homeowners we know our houses are going to be safe," she said.

NewsChannel 12 made multiple calls to fire crews and the North Carolina Forestry to learn more on what happened. We will continue to make those calls to find out if they think the fire is suspicious and if it did start from gun fire.

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