Neighborhood on watch for roaming bear

Neighborhood On Watch For Roaming Bear Video

NEW BERN - A black bear cub has been roaming around a local neighborhood for the past week, according to residents.

The bear has been spotted in several streets and yards in the neighborhood of The Home Place, off Brice's Creek Road in New Bern.

It walked right up to Mollie Doyle's back door Wednesday, where she said it peeked in through the window for at least ten minutes.

Several other neighbors have watched the bear wander through their yards, knocking down bird feedersĀ  and playing with tree limbs.

"We got a call from our neighbor and he said you got a bear in your backyard and he tore down your bird feeder and is eating all the bird food,"neighborhood resident, Dan Williams, said.

Neighbors think the cub may have recently left his family, and is looking for a new home.

"He found 'The Home Place' is maybe a good place to make a home," Williams said. "We're trying to say if you're not paying dues, you probably want to go somewhere else."

Officers from the Wildlife Resource Commission said the bear cannot be removed from the neighborhood unless it is aggressively threatening people.

They advise residents to take down all bird feeders and put away any other food.

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