Nearby Shooting Sparks Upped Security

For Stores Near Dollar General Shooting, Surveillance Is Key

NEW BERN - Tuesday's double shooting at the Dollar General in New Bern is making other stores double check their own security measures.

Glenburnie Coins and Pawn in New Bern is located just down the road from where the shooting happened.  The store has not had a robbery in almost five years, but the manager said the shooting is a reminder of what could happen.

"You always think about it when it happens that close," said Martin Smith, the store's manager.

With customers in and out of the store all day, management relies on more than fifteen security cameras around the store as a watchful eye.

"We got them in the ceiling, we got them on every wall," Smith said, "wherever you're at, they see you."

Smith said he is confident if a robbery were to happen, surveillance video would help identify any suspects.

There is surveillance video of the Dollar General shooting, but police are not releasing it at this time.  They have, however, released pictures taken from that surveillance video.

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