NCDOT crews starting to work on secondary roads in Carteret County

Drivers are still fighting the slush and ice in Eastern Carolina

CARTERET COUNTY - Drivers are still fighting the slush and ice in Eastern Carolina. Some people said they are concerned that the North Carolina Department of Transportation is taking too long to clear roads near their homes.

But David Livingston, the NCDOT maintenance engineer for Carteret County, said Friday that crews are starting to work on secondary roads. With the warmer weather, he hopes to finish working on secondary roads in Carteret County by late Friday night.

Richard Skinner is a pastor at Crystal Coast Family Worship Center. He lives right next to his church off Hunters Creek Road in Carteret County.

Skinner said he is concerned that by living in west Carteret County, the roads near his home will be plowed last.

"I'm not impatient. I'm just concerned about people getting injuries," Skinner said.

Skinner said he had seen NCDOT snow plows in the area, but they only plowed up to the Jones County line on Highway 58.

Livingston said Craven County DOT crews helped clear Highway 58 for them.

"Each unit is assigned to a certain area. We try to work primarily in our area. So, if we are caught up in our area or another county, we offer to help adjoining counties," Livingston said.

Livingston said crews could not get to Highway 58 until Thursday night.

"The temperature has been above freezing and we're getting a little bit of drizzle. Most of the ice has broken down into slush. We should be able to push it off the road," Livingston told NewsChannel 12.

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