NC12 Investigates Elevator Codes

NC12 Investigates Elevator Codes

MAYSVILLE - Della Garner's story raised a few eyebrows when it first aired on New Channel 12.

"The door stopped behind me and the light went off, I was standing in the dark," Garner said.

Trapped in an elevator without emergency lighting, seems like it would be against the law.

Technically she wasn't really in the dark so to speak, turns out she had a little bit of lighting after all.

NC12 returned to May's Landing to investigate, checking to see if the apartment complex was meeting State requirements.

Property manager Ellen Simpson explained," The inspector came out, he saw that report. He said there is a light and it only comes on immediately after the electricity goes off, she said. It did come on."

According the NC Department of Labor those lights are only temporary, allowing whoever is trapped enough time to call for help.

Since being installed 2 years ago, May's Landing has passed every State inspection.

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