NC victim of salmonella tainted peanut butter

NASH COUNTY, WTVD-- - A local child was sickened after eating tainted peanut butter purchased at Trader Joe's.

Eight-year-old Nathan Lebron, of Nash County, is feeling better these days, but a few weeks ago he was a very sick boy.

Nathan's symptoms began in late August with stomach cramps and within days he had bloody diarrhea.

He ended up at Wilson Medical Center for three days.

The Lebrons are so upset they filed a lawsuit against the company that makes the peanut butter and Trader Joe's as well.

The salmonella outbreak prompted U.S. health officials to expand the recall.

Some of the country's largest grocery stores are pulling several nut butters and other products including peanut, almond and cashew butters.

The Centers for Disease Control said there are now at least 30 salmonella illnesses in 19 states.

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