NC Senate bills calls for strict bus passing penalties

NC Senate bills calls for strict bus passing penalties

BEAUFORT - A bill in the state senate is calling for the temporary revocation of anyone's license who illegally passes a stopped school bus.

Senate Bill 16 was filed in the senate on January 30, 2013. The bill would up the penalty of passing a school bus that is unloading or loading kids to a misdemeanor charge with a revocation of licenses for sixth months. That's just the first offense.

"We have had multiple violations in Carteret County," said Lloyd Willis Transportation Director for Carteret County Schools. "I know across the state that other counties have had the same problem. The main concern is children's safety and how dangerous it is to pass a stopped school bus. It could lead to a death very quickly."

It's a bill that resonates with both parents of students and bus drivers alike.

"The safety of our children is way more important than going to the store or going to where ever we are going in 2 more minutes," said Heather Honore. Honore has been a bus driver for Beaufort Elementary School for 5 years. She also has 2 kids in the Carteret County School System.

The current penalty for passing a stopped school bus is a class 1 misdemeanor which carries up to 120 days in jail, a $200 fine, and a five point license increase.

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