NC lawmen accused of running a protection racket

CHERRYVILLE - The U.S. Attorney's office says four North Carolina lawmen have been arrested on corruption and bribery charges.
Cherryville police officers Casey Justin Crawford, David Paul Mauney III and Frankie Dellinger were arrested Wednesday, along with Gaston County Sheriff's Deputy Wesley Clayton Golden. Federal prosecutors say they conspired to provide protection for tractor trailers transporting what's thought to be stolen goods and illegal cash.
Authorities said the stolen items included televisions, cars, and chain saws worth over $300,000. It's believed the men collected more than $300,000 in proceeds from the sale of the stolen items.
Two other men were taken into custody following a joint sting operation involving the FBI and State Bureau of Investigation.
Cherryville Police Chief Woody Burgess and Gaston Sheriff Alan Cloninger could not be reached for commen

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