NC insurance commissioner urges companies to continue coverage

NC insurance commissioner urges companies to continue coverage

RALEIGH - North Carolina's insurance commissioner is asking health insurance companies to offer policy holders the opportunity to keep their current plan for another year.

President Obama announced, Thursday, a plan to keep Americans with their own health insurance covered for a year. This in response to trouble with sign ups for the Affordable Care Act's website.

In a release, Commissioner Wayne Goodwin said the state would allow for expedited reviews so insurance companies could quickly get policies back up and running.

"I'm calling on our health insurers to take advantage of this opportunity, and I've directed my staff to do what is necessary to make sure that insurers can allow their policyholders to keep their plan for another year," Goodwin said.

In response to the insurance commissioner's request, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina announced their cooperation with the program.

"We understand that many of our customers are frustrated and confused by difficulties accessing the federal exchange, and we want to do everything we can to help them maintain quality healthcare coverage that they can afford," said Brad Wilson, President and CEO of BCBSNC.

The news comes welcome to people like Bill Marshall. Marshall, who lives in New Bern, dropped his coverage with BCBS after a letter from the company stated his premium would be raised by more than double. However, a spokesperson for the company says Marshall should be able to return to his old rate.

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