NC Governor-elect Pat McCrory starts work on day one

NC Governor-Elect Pat McCrory talks to the media

CHARLOTTE - Republican Governor-elect Pat McCrory meets with media Wednesday for the first time since his win.  McCrory defeated Democrat Walter Dalton and Libertarian Barbara Howe with 55% of the votes.

Coming off a late night victory rally after winning the governor's race, McCrory is so far living up to his promise of getting right to work.  Day one: meeting with the media, setting up his transition team and making a trip to the state capital.

"So we're going to move very quickly and part of that is there's a sense of urgency.  There are people out there who are hurting right now, and they're looking for someone to repair the vision and strategy on how the state's going to move forward," said governor-elect Pat McCrory.

So how do we move forward?  McCrory shared some of his vision, including bringing all sides together.  "I'm going to be reaching out to both parties in the next two days.  I haven't had time to do either one since late last night, but I'll be reaching out to the minority and majority leaders of both the NC House and the NC Senate."

While seemingly confident following his victory, McCrory is staying realistic.  "We are walking into a very, very difficult and complex situation.  It's not going to be an easy job... Right now state government is broken and so is our economy."

So how does Governor-elect McCrory plan to fix what he calls a complex situation in our state?  He says by setting visions for North Carolina and surrounding himself with great teams that can help us achieve those visions.  McCrory says he will go into more specifics during a press conference with some of his team members Thursday in our state's capital.

Voters picked Republican Pat McCrory to replace Democrat Bev Perdue in Raleigh.  McCrory will be the first GOP member to hold the position since 1993.  Jim Martin was the last Republican governor in North Carolina.  His win, combined with the victories of several other Republican candidates, gives Republicans 30 state house seats, which is the highest number for either party in 12 years.

According to ABC News, McCrory claimed victory in six counties that President Obama won.  Jack Hawke, with McCrory's campaign, says McCrory did something historical with this election, something North Carolina's two Republican governors did not do in their first term.  Hawke says McCrory did not ride the coattails of a winning Republican Presidential candidate, but won when a Democratic President won.

"What is a huge historical significance is what Pat McCrory did yesterday.  He ran way ahead of our Republican presidential candidate."

There's a chance of a recount in the NC Lieutenant Governor's race.  Republican Dan Forest defeated Democrat Linda Coleman in a very close contest.  Forest came out ahead by just 15,000 out of more than four Million votes cast.

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