NC Congressman responds to Syria conflict

Congressman Walter B. Jones says he would not vote in favor of the U.S. getting involved in Syria.

Jones is the U.S. Representative for North Carolina's 3rd congressional district. He visited Onslow County Tuesday.

NewsChannel 12 asked Jones about his views on the conflict in Syria.

"A nation like ours who's in debt, we can't pay our own bills without going to the international community to finance our debt, so to speak ," Jones said. "How can we continue to spend millions and millions of dollars in these foreign countries, and we can't even fix the schools here in America?"

Jones said U.S. involvement in Syria would be a waste of money that could be better spent.

The White House says any military action against Syria will be limited and won't be aimed at forcing Bashar Assad from power.

The administration is getting ready to declare formally that chemical weapons have been used in Syria's civil war.

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