NC bill would eliminate class-size limits for public schools

NC bill would eliminate class-size limits for public schools

NORTH CAROLINA - The North Carolina General Assembly is set to consider a bill that would end a decade-old policy of restricting the number of students in early grade classrooms.                                    

A Senate Committee voted on Wednesday to do away with the cap of 24 students for kindergarten through third grade.

Republican State Senators believe this change will allow each school district to decide how best to spend funding for teacher positions.

Gwendolyn Morris has been teaching at Farm Life Elementary School for 27 years. Morris said when she first heard that North Carolina lawmakers wanted to let more students in the classroom, she was concerned. She said having 17 students now is just enough, and if that number happens to increase things could become difficult.

"It's a very workable number with that and the less you have in a classroom the more time you're able to spend one on one and teaching is so affective," said Morris.

Farm Life Principal Jonathan Tribula said he understands the purpose of the bill, but at the same time has some major concerns.

"I think at the base root that's great," he said. "I think the district will love to have more flexibility with how they spend money but at the same time what's going to happen if we still have budget issues."

Liz Philipps is a second grade teacher at Pamlico County Primary.

"You know teacher assistants are getting cut, and with one adult for 24 plus kids it's tough enough," said Philipps.

The bill will now go to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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