NBFD raises money for deceased AZ fire fighters

NBFD raises money for deceased AZ fire fighters

NEW BERN - New Bern Fire Department teamed up Saturday with Crossfit Burn to raise money for the families of the 19 Hotshot fire fighters who died in an Arizona wildfire in June.

Dozens of people came to train their bodies and show support. The group performed a CrossFit workout in the mid 80 degree heat. CrossFit is a high intensity interval training program using weights and cardio exercises.

Fire fighters say the training is the closest thing a person can get to the intensity of a live fire situation.

"CrossFit, it's functional movements, things you do everyday, you squat, you pick up things off the floor, deadlift, you put things high on a shelf, that's a press," said New Bern Fire Fighter Steven Jasset, "This is the closest thing you're going to get to real live techniques and things you'll do on a fire ground."

Saturday's fundraiser was an international event. Fire fighters said CrossFit gyms from around the world were also raising money for the families of the Hotshot fire fighters.

"They're having trouble getting the money that should be rightfully theirs and just trying to get some money and help all the families of those guys who were lost," Jasset said.

You can donate to this cause at or

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