A 5th grade student at Arapahoe Charter School got a Christmas gift he will remember for a lifetime.

Baylee Gody is 11 years old and lives with his relatives while his father serves in the Navy.

His father, Joshua Gody, has been a member of the Navy for 12 years. He's spent the last 6 months in Bahrain. Joshua's request to come home for the holidays was approved in November. He's been planning to surprise his son ever since.

"I haven't seen him in six months, being in the military as tough as it is you only get to talk so often," Joshua said. "Getting to see him in person for the holidays was amazing."

Joshua, his family members and Arapahoe Charter School staff helped to set up the surprise reunion. Baylee's 5th grade class was told they were making a video for the school website. They arranged for the school mascot to come in first. Moments later, Joshua followed.

"The rush of emotions is hard to explain," Joshua said. "That moment when you see someone and it all comes out at once."

Tears, smiles and hugs.

"I just ran and hugged him," Baylee said. "This was a very happy day. I miss him and I love him."

Joshua's surprises didn't sop there.

Hours later, he told his son he had another special gift for him.

"We're going to Disney World," Joshua said, as he looked at his son with a huge smile on his face.

Joshua is a ET1 (SS), Electronics Technician, for the Navy. He will return to Bahrain after spending two weeks with his family.