Navy members react to D.C. mass shooting, discuss safety measures

Navy members react to D.C. mass shooting, discuss safety measures

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - In the aftermath of the Washington Navy Yard shooting that claimed 13 lives, emergency workers at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune are reviewing their own security procedures.

"What happened at the Navy Yard was tragic, so our first reaction was basically to make sure that our areas of concern were taken care of here," said Mark Starnes, emergency manager at Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune.

Starnes' colleague, Martin Summerville, remembers the feeling his team had on Monday, when they heard about the gunman killing 12 people before officers took him down.

"You constantly are thinking about the response team at the incident," Summerville said. "You're wondering what you would do in that situation and how you would respond in the same manner."

Starnes said that tragedy has his staff members reviewing their own emergency response methods.

"We rethink the procedures and basically, we go over them to make sure all of our actions are up-to-date," Starnes said.

Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune has an emergency alert system that can send texts and emails to staff members. Starnes said should an active shooter be on scene, one of the first steps of a lockdown is to find a room where people can lock the door, call 9-1-1, and turn off the lights.

Even during an attack, patients are still a priority. Summerville said Navy corpsmen are constantly training to be ready.

"We're supporting our families, military members and beneficiaries. So it makes us more comfortable in knowing that we can take care of any situation when it arises," Summerville said.

Defense officials have asked Navy and Marine Corps bases to review their security procedures. They have until Oct. 1.

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