Nat'l Guardsman set to deploy pays decades-old ticket

CRAVEN COUNTY - A National Guardsman cleared his record Wednesday by paying a nearly 30-year-old speeding ticket.

Timothy Bellville got the ticket in Craven County in July of 1985.

He never paid the citation.

Present day, Bellville tried to renew his driver's license before being deployed to Afghanistan.

He's a platoon sergeant for the Army National Guard.

The DMV blocked the renewal; the decades-old ticket finally trickled through the nation's computer system and caught up to Bellville in Ohio, where he now lives.

Bellville, 49, sent $190 to Craven County authorities this week in order to release the hold and renew his license.

Bellville lived in Jacksonville at the time he received the ticket.

Police said he was going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone.

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