A 68-year-old man riding a motorized scooter and using a portable oxygen tank is accused of inserting sewing needles into packaged meat at a grocery store "just for the hell of it."

Ronald Avers of Belleville, Illinois admitted to placing the needles into ground beef, steaks and pork chops in his hometown Shop 'n Save at least seven times over more than a year, The Associated Press reports.

FBI special agents and Belleville police arrested Avers after grocery store employees recognized him as a suspect in past tamperings. An open package of sewing needles was found in Avers' pickup truck, according to court documents.

Avers, who is described in federal documents as a disabled veteran, admitted to inserting sewing needles in the meat products "just for the hell of it."

SuperValu Inc., the Minnesota-based corporate parent of the Shop 'n Save chain, stated that the tampering did not result in any serious injury.