National Military Spouse Appreciation Day hits home

National Military Spouse Appreciation Day hits home

CRAVEN COUNTY - Friday is National Military Spouse Appreciation Day -- a day dedicated to the men and women who have spouses who serve and protect our country.   

This day particularly hits home in Eastern Carolina and its major military bases.

One of those families is the Oldfather family. Laura and Michael Oldfather live on base at M.C.A.S. Cherry Point, where Michael has been stationed for 6.5 years. Michael is EA-6B Prowler, Communication Navigation Radar Technician.

Michael has been all over the world to serve this country, and Laura has supported him the whole time. Laura takes care of the families three young children while also supporting her husband by encouraging him through his deployments.

"Being a military wife, you're definitely second no matter what and it's kind of hard sometimes to understand," Laura said. "Cuz no matter what you do, it's always military comes first."

Laura says what makes things easier for her is the support she receives on base from other spouses.

"The military spouses are very much a family of their own. They may fight like siblings, but when it comes down to it, everybody is there for each other because we do understand how it feels," Laura said.

Laura says that the most important thing is for her to be there emotionally for her husband when she cannot be there beside him, and to continue to support his role as a protector for Americans.

"It's that kind of emotion that it's really hard to explain how much pride you have in what he does, and what an example he sets for my kids," Laura said.

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