N. Topsail board of aldermen vote down big house moratorium

N. Topsail asks public for help, possible big house moratorium

NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, N.C. (AP) - The board of aldermen for North Topsail Beach voted Wednesday to still allow construction on big homes in the area.

North Topsail Beach was considering a moratorium on permits for big beach houses while town officials reviewed regulations for high-occupancy homes.
The town held a public hearing Wednesday morning to get residents' thoughts on the proposed moratorium. However, they decided to hold off on the issue for now.

They are asking a planning board to review the issue and they will discuss it in their special meeting Monday, May 19.

If changes are made in the future, it would block construction of houses with more than six bedrooms and more than 5,000 square feet.
Mayor Dan Tuman said the moratorium would give the town time to study regulations that large homes and their impact on public health and safety.
Tuman said those issues include fire protection, emergency medical services, parking, noise and congestion.
The high-occupancy homes are usually rental vacation homes and not single-family residences.
The mayor said he did not thing the moratorium would be long.

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