N. Topsail Beach erosion to be nourished

N. Topsail Beach erosion to be restored

N. TOPSAIL BEACH, ONSLOW COUNTY - About two weeks ago about 1,500 feet of shoreline began chipping away at the ocean's mercy.

"The ocean has really come in and really surprised us all," said property owner and former mayor Don Martin.

He went to the meeting about the erosion this morning, because the ocean is eating away at his property.

"My wife walks the beach everyday and she's very concerned. Right now we don't have access to the beach because the ocean is taking our steps into the beach," said Martin.

He took us to his property and showed us a four foot sand dune erosion.

He also showed us a property just a few doors down that at one point looked like a boathouse from the ocean.

"High tide will come and throw water in there," said Martin.

He says when he was the mayor 6 years ago, the same thing happened.

"Out here there were beach front property and the ocean took them," said Martin.

To make sure that doesn't happen a second time, a $500,000 project is in the works to save the beach. Hopefully for good this time.

"It has been our objective as a town for some time now to save out beaches and protect our homes on the ocean," said Alderman Richard Peters.

Once permits for the project are approved it will be underway.

The project could be installed as early as November.

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