N.C. Senate passes abortion bill, now heading to Gov. McCrory's desk

RALEIGH, WAKE COUNTY - The North Carolina Senate has passed a bill that would increase abortion regulations, sending the controversial legislation to Gov. McCrory's desk. 

McCrory told NewsChannel 12 almost two weeks ago that he would sign the House version of the bill- the version the Senate passed by a 32 to 13 vote Thursday evening.

The Senate waited until the last full day of the session to approve the bill it has been sitting on for nearly two weeks.  Senators debated about an hour before voting along party lines.

The bill would impose new requirements on abortion clinics, prompting some opponents to accuse Gov. McCrory of breaking his campaign promise of not restricting abortion availability.

But Gov. McCrory said the requirements are not restrictions, but health safeguards.

"The recent House version allows the medical professionals at the Department of Health and Human Services to write the rules which will ensure women's safety," Gov. McCrory said.

Moments after Thursday night's vote, Planned Parenthood issued a statement urging McCrory to veto the bill.

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