N.C. lottery now offers some jackpot tickets online

N.C. lottery now offers some jackpot tickets online

NORTH CAROLINA - North Carolina Education Lottery players won't have to go the local convenience or grocery store to regularly buy tickets for big jackpot games.

The lottery begins a subscription service Thursday.

That means people can register on the lottery's web site to purchase a minimum of two weeks' worth of tickets for up to three games - the twice-weekly multistate Powerball and Mega Millions and daily Carolina Cash 5.

Players must buy tickets for at least two weeks worth of drawings every time a purchase is made. Single tickets and instant scratch offs are not options on this site.

Communications Director for the North Carolina  Van Denton Education lottery said they are trying to reach new players by having services online.

"Folks who aren't playing the lottery now who might not want to go into a traditional lottery retail location to buy tickets," Denton said.

Subscribers cannot spend more than $70.00 a week. Users also have the option of opting out of their subscriptions up to two years or life.

About a dozen states now have a subscription service, which North Carolina lottery officials hope will increase sales for the games by 1 to 2 percent.

Third-party vendors will collect banking and personal data and ensure players are at least 18 and are buying from a North Carolina-based computer terminal.

Winnings below $600 will be transferred directly to subscribers' checking accounts.

To sign up for the subscription service, CLICK HERE.

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