Music equipment stolen in church break-in

Music equipment stolen in church break-in

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY - Thieves steal about $1,000 worth of musical equipment from a Greenville church.

The break-in happened at "Last Days Tabernacle Temple" on May Street on Wednesday. Churchgoers who work across the street were stunned that it happened.

"It's a downright shame when people break into the house of the Lord and I mean take for their own," Dalton Wilims said.

"I think it's sad someone would break into church. They threw bibles all over the back area and you know people just don't fear god anymore," Carl Booth said.

"Well, I was working and I noticed the door had been open for quite some time …And I said this doesn't look right," Wilims said.

Wilims then notified his pastor and deacon about the issue.

Deacon Marvin Howard said the church has only been at this location for six months.

He said whoever broke into their church used a pry bar to break inside and got away with a keyboard, an amp and several microphones used every Sunday during service.

"You know it's just hurtful. It really is because we really need that stuff to carry on the service. So, for someone to have no fear, to just break into the house of the Lord and just come in and steal stuff it's ridiculous. It really is," he said.

Howard said the person or persons responsible also destroyed a few of their bibles and broke into their safe. Thankfully, there was no money in it.

The church has about 30 members. However, last Sunday, someone new showed up who no one recognized.

"It's gotta be someone who has been in and scoped out what they wanted and just came back later on that night," Booth said.

But out of darkness, comes light, or maybe a guardian angel. Just as I wrapped up my interview, a man pulled up asking to speak to Deacon Howard.

"He had found the keyboard in the dumpster and it had our church name on it and I opened it up and looked at it and it's ours …God is awesome. He's amazing. I know this ain't nothing but God," Howard said.

So far, no arrests have been made.

If you have any information on this crime, you are asked to contact the Greenville Police Department or Crime Stoppers.

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