Murder Victim's Family Speaks About Daughter's Death

ONSLOW COUNTY - The last time Marocca Chandler spoke to her daughter was around 9:30 Tuesday night.

"The next morning at 7 o'clock, I got a phone call from her neighbor," Caitlyn's mother said. "She said, Mrs. Marocca, you need to come quick."

"I felt like it was something violent that did happen because I knew that Tim me, was kind of abusive," Richard Chandler said.

Caitlyn Culpepper's parents said she had been dating Timothy Akers for about 7 months, but she was becoming an independent young woman.

"I feel like she's just been taken away from us, a 19-year-old child has been killed. Murdered, for no reason," Caitlyn's father said.

They describe her as a beautiful, compassionate person.

"She loved people, loved children," her mother said.

"She was very outgoing. She loved people that, seemed like she always took up with someone that was kind of the underdog, needed help," her father said.

Caitlyn sang for church events, cancer supporty groups, with gospel choirs, and even recorded 3 CDs. Her favorite song to sing was "I Can Only Imagine."

"Our enjoyment was traveling around, going to different churches," Richard Chandler said.

Congregations that were touched by Caitlyn's voice have been calling the family with their condolences, now that her voice has been silenced.

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