Murder Charge For Deputy Provost Marshal's Son

ONSLOW COUNTY - The son of the deputy provost marshal at Camp Lejeune has been charged in the shooting death of a young Jacksonville woman.

Timothy Joseph Akers, 24, is charged in the first degree murder of his girlfriend, 19-year-old Caitlyn Elizabeth Culpepper. Akers' father, Major Tim Akers, is head of the police force at Camp Lejeune.

The shooting happened around 3 a.m. Wednesday, in front of Culpepper's apartment on Hardison Hills Court. Akers is being held without bond in the Onslow County jail.

Culpepper's roommate, Ashley Lemiszki, said Caitlin was involved in a strenuous relationship with Akers. Culpepper asked Akers to move out of her apartment for one week, after his anger started to build.

"The last thing I said to Caitlyn was, 'I love you, I can't wait for tomorrow," Lemiszki said. "We planned to spend the day together, clean our apartment and just have fun."

Culpepper and Lemiszki locked their doors at night so Akers could not enter their home. Akers allegedly came to their apartment during the early morning hours, called Culpepper's cell phone, and killed her when she walked outside.

"His anger was always a very controlled, calculated anger," Lemiszki said. "He would not allow Caitlyn to have a Facebook, he was that intense."

Hours before she died, Culpepper wrote a note to her roommate on a dry-erase board. The note read, "I love you. No worries today. We're going to have a great day."

Lemiszki hopes women involved in similar relationships will end them before tragedy strikes.

"Anybody who's going through this, you don't have to," Lemiszki said. "Leaving your significant other will be the hardest thing you'll ever do. But you'll be glad you didn't end up dead in a parking lot."

Akers' first appearance is 8 a.m. Thursday in Onslow County Court.

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