Much needed rain for ENC

EASTERN N.C. - A front is pressing its way through Eastern North Carolina Tuesday.  A wave of low pressure is riding along that front and will move from west to east as we progress through the day.  A surge of warm, southerly winds has brought plenty or warmth and moisture ahead of the front which is the reason rain developed in the predawn hours this morning. 

We will see steady rain at least until mid-afternoon before the front moves off the coast.  Some of the heavier rain cells could have brief, heavy downpours and maybe a damaging wind gust as the winds just off the ground are very strong.  Those winds could get pulled down to the surface. 

We can expect a third to a half inch of rainfall before this moves away this evening, which will be welcomed give the recent rash of wildfires that broke out this past weekend. 

The front slips off the coast this evening with skies quickly clearing out behind it with cooler temperatures coming in through the second half of the work week along with sunshine. 

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