Moving forward with Neuse Boulevard reconstruction

Neuse Boulevard Reconstruction

NEW BERN - City officials hope Neuse Boulevard is redone in early to mid October.  The City of New Bern has been trying to get permits to replace a water main just under the roadway. The main was installed in the early 1940s.

"Aging infrastructure is something you've got to take care of.  At some point you've got to pull the trigger on these projects and you've gotta replace not only the roadway but everything below it," Jordan Hughes said.

Hughes is a city engineer. He says the city needs to replace the water main before the North Carolina Department of Transportation can resurface the road.  Neuse Boulevard is a state highway, so it's the DOT's responsibility to keep it in order.

"We plan on having a really good riding road that will last a long time," said Reed Smith, district engineer with the DOT.

Smith says replacing the road surface will only take a month or two. The water main project will take 10 to 11 months.

People that frequent the road just want the construction to get underway.

"I haven't lived in too many small towns, but it is definitely the worst road I've ever seen," said Rachael Slack, manager of $2.99 A Cleaner. "I really hope they do something about it."

It is unknown how much resurfacing the road will cost. However, replacing the water main will cost an estimated $1.8 million.

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