Mourning Aimee Pitt

Flyers labeling Aimee Pitt as missing are still posted in Tarboro. But the search isn't for Aimee Pitt any more. Instead, the search is for answers. Pitt was reported missing on January 3rd. Last week loved ones gathered to look for the girl they say loved her family. Friday night Tarboro police found remains of a woman later identified as Aimee Pitt in the closet of her home off Newsome street.

David Newsome lives across the street. He said didn't know Pitt, but seeing so many police on his street was shocking.

"They had the place lit up like a football field at night when they were going through the house," Newsome said.

A prayer vigil was scheduled at the Wildlife Boat Access in Tarboro. The same spot where loved ones met to search for Pitt last week. The news of Aimee's death had taken it's toll on them and the meeting was cancelled.

"They said it was just too much for them and they can't do it."

Jeffery Owens was one of the nearly 50 people who looked for Aimee last week. He hoped for a different outcome.

"I was hoping to read one day they found her. That she was somewhere else and just had to get away from everything. But that wasn't the case," Owens said.

So while the question of where is Aimee Pitt has been answered, the question of what happened to her remains a mystery.

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