Motorcycle-riding dogs hit the road

Dogs on Hogs

Craven Carolina - As the weather gets warmer one biker gang in Craven County will be out with some pretty unique riders, dogs. These "bad to the bone" pups range from poodles to Chihuahuas, and they love to ride.

"You get all kinds of attention," said Sandra Edwards, who rides with her toy poodle Chloe, "people stop and wave and take pictures."

When each member of the group hops on their hogs, they strap their dogs into special motorcycle seats for safety.

"I got a little pet carrier and I put her in there," said Roy Siesener about his dachshund, Jackie,  "It's got windows in there that she can look out of and shes just happy being down  in there."

"Oh ya, we are a little unique." said Lenwood Toler about the group.  He rides with his chihuahua, Abby.

"I had to wait for her to calm down a little bit for her to ride with me," said Toler. "She was a little bit too high strung to start, but now she gets in looks around and
watches cars."

The riders say they always keep a close eye on their K-9 companions while riding. Each say their dogs can't get enough of the experience.

"She could be sound asleep and hear a Harley and she will be out the doggie door by the fence in a heartbeat." said Teresa Howard about her dog, Chloe.

Two of the women in the group, Howard and Edwards, both have a dog named Chloe. They say this brought them together.

"When we met here and we got to talking about riding our dogs, she was talking about Chloe and I was talking about Chloe, and so we both have dogs named Chloe that love to ride." said Howard.

Edwards says her pup Chloe has been with her since she started to learn to ride. She decided to learn after her husband, Jack Edwards, passed away.

"This is his bike and he wanted me to learn how to ride it. So, the first thing I did afterwards is try to learn how to drive it." said Edwards.

The front of her bike sports the name "Jack Rabbit", the nickname of her late husband Jack. When she rides with Chloe, she says it reminds her of him.

"You feel free. It makes you feel free." said Edwards.

The 'Dogs on Hogs' group is planning on holding a fundraiser later in the year. They  hope to raise money for the Humane Society, or S.P.C.A.

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