Mother:"I'm praying this will be last deployment"

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Jacksonville -  A day for goodbyes, as 150 marines from the Marne Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 264 deployed for Afghanistan Saturday afternoon. The group departed from Cherry Point in Jacksonville. However, President Barak Obama announced Friday that there could be fewer of these type of deployments.

"Afghans are stepping up and taking responsibility for their own security and as they do, our troops will come home," said President Obama "and next year this long war will come to a responsible end."

"That's the greatest news that I have heard in these last 10,12 years," said Martha Davis.

 Squeezing her only son tightly, Anna Bishop expressed strong feeling about the war in Afghanistan.

"[I'm ready] for it to be over with, yea I think we need to get them all back home," said Bishop.

 Davis, another marine mom, couldn't agree more.

 "I'm just hoping and praying that this will be the end to this deployment," said Davis.

 President Obama says by this spring, US forces will no longer have to take the lead in 90 percent of Afghanistan

 "At the end of this conflict, we are going to be able to say that the sacrifices that were made by those men and women in uniform have brought about the goal that we sought," the president said.

 A goal Bishop says she struggles with, but understands.

 "I do my best to support him I told him when he joined I'd stand behind him and I'm trying, it's really hard," said Bishop.

 Marines from VMM-264 pilot, crew, and maintain the MV-22B Osprey which provides assault support to combat troops, supplies and equipment during amphibious operations. They will be deployed for the next 7 months.

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