Mother: Son kicked out of facility after abuse dispute

Mother: Son kicked out of facility after abuse dispute video

PINK HILL - A mother tells us her 31-year-old handicapped son is kicked out of a Wayne County mental facility after a dispute over alleged abuse.

Jeannie Humphrey of Pink Hill said Nova Behavioral Facility in Goldsboro sent her pictures of cuts and bruises on her 31-year-old son's back after he was allegedly beaten by a facility employee last week.

It's the second time in a year Humphrey said the abuse happened, but after Humphrey went public with the allegations, she said her son, Joshua, was kicked out of the facility.

"I thought everything was ok until she called me and told me to come get Joshua because he's no longer welcome because I didn't feel he was safe," Humphrey said.

Humphrey said she was given less than 24 hours to pick her son up from the facility. He's now staying with Humphrey at her Pink Hill home until a permanent solution is available, but the adjustment is tough for the family.

"I have to work," Humphrey said. "And Joshua can turn on me anytime, which would put my life in jeapardy, too."

According to state guidelines, a mental facility is required to provide a plan for alternate service if a patient is discharged, but an attorney with the state disability rights organization said there are exceptions to the law, depending on the facility.

John Ford, president of Nova, would not comment on the allegations because of privacy regulations at the facility, but said the facility follows a strict policy when dealing with abuse.

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