Mother Serves Preliminary Eviction Papers Against Son

CRAVEN COUNTY - With Mother?s Day just days away, a mother tried to have her son served with eviction papers.

Mary Slade said it?s time for her son, Torian Slade, to move out of his childhood home in Craven County?s James City.

?My son is 29 years old,? Slade said. ?I?m tired of taking care of him.?

Slade filled out the paperwork and deputies served Torian with court papers.

The pair?s court date was Thursday morning.

But a magistrate ruled that the only relationship that exists between Mary and Torian is of the mother-son variety; there is no tenant-landlord relationship.

There was no lease.

That fact, the magistrate ruled, means mom cannot evict son.

That has Mary taking a different approach. She?ll now give her son several weeks to gather his things and ask him again to move out.

If that doesn?t work, ?I?ll take out a trespassing warrant [against Torian],? Mary said.

After the court appearance, Torian left the home with a box full of possessions, including a gaming system.

Mary did not know where her son went; a NewsChannel 12 reporter could not reach Torian for comment.

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