The mother of fallen New Bern Police officer, Alexander Thalmann, addressed a crowd full of people who attended a ceremony for her son.

On Wednesday night, more than 100 people filled a lawn in front of the riverfront in Washington on Water Road.

Thalmann died while on the job over the weekend, after authorities say he was involved in a shoot-out. On Friday night, New Bern Police tried to stop and question a man in the Craven Terrace area. Police say the suspect was Bryan Stallings.

In the memorial crowd were family members, friends and multiple law enforcement officers.

The memorial started at 7:30 p.m. and lasted for at half-hour. During the ceremony, the New Bern Police Chief and Chaplain addressed the crowd. Thalmann's mother also stepped up to the microphone.

"I never wondered why he was hurt and killed because it was a part of the job," Thalmann's mother said. "I am so happy he was doing something that he loved doing."

Thalmann's visitation is Thursday in Washington and his funeral will be 2 p.m. Friday in New Bern at the Temple Baptist Church.