Mother, 3 kids lose house in early morning fire

Mother, 3 kids lose house in early morning fire

ONSLOW COUNTY - A mother and her three kids are without a home this holiday season following an early morning fire.

It happened at around 8:45 Wednesday at a home located off of Burgaw Highway in Onslow County.  Fire officials have ruled the fire an accident. They cannot determine the cause of the fire because the home has sustained extensive damage.

"We just lost everything," said resident Anna Dial.  Dial said the fire began when the family was sleeping, "my daughter jumped up and  came in the living room and said that the room is on fire."

Dial's 15-year-old daughter Arriana was the first to see the flames.  "I smelled smoke and I heard crackling," said the teen.  Family members said they attempted to put out the fire with water.  Dial said the fire spread rapidly engulfing the home within 10 minutes.  Dial and the girls were able to escape without any injuries.

The family lost all their personal belongings and other items that cannot be replaced.  "Kids Christmas ornaments that were made in school," said Dial, "my pictures of my grandmother, none of that was saved."

If you would like to donate clothing and household items, family members say you can drop off donations at the Family of God church, located at 2013 Blue Creek Road in Jacksonville.

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